Php Training Course In Ahmedabad

Why PHP?

  • PHP runs on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • PHP is compatible with almost all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.)
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What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language and an interpreter. It allows developers to build logic and handle data returned from a web browser. The PHP script embedded into HTML documents is served by the webserver. The interpreter takes the mode of a module and integrates into the webserver, converting the script and achieving results defined in the script. Due to its popularity, the language used massively to develop web applications.

    PHP Training Course with Job Placement

    if you will look at available number of php developer jobs in ahmedabad, you will be convinced that why php is highly recognized in web development world. there is long list of it companies in ahmedabad providing php training but main or topmost consideration to become expert in any subject matter is depth rather jack of many easy topics. if you want to learn php whether as for professional career or as a student of gujarat university, agile academy is the place for php training institute that can provide you solution for career, future-scope and score in exams. please go to placements page for testimonials from a number of our past students whose php projects are still appreciated in gtu project list even after final year completion.

    Our Php Training Course is all in one solution that helps students for achieving php developer jobs in ahmedabad or anywhere and to get a high score in the examination.

    Learn php from expert mentors.

    Choose Php Training Ahmedabad wisely and don’t speculate your money for software classes that do not provide job guarantee.

      Php Development Course

      Php is mainly focused on server-side scripting, command line scripting as well as writing feature-rich web applications that can not be generated by using HTML alone. PHP can be utilized on all the main OS including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and many other UNIX-like OS. So with Php you have the liberty of selecting an OS and web server. PHP scripts are placed on web pages with HTML/XHTML tags and if you are not aware about these tags, you’ll not able to know where and how to put PHP scripts on a webpage. If you know other scripting language such as JavaScript, learning PHP will be easier.

        Get Php live project training from Agile Academy from the basics with all the cutting edge technology features and tools. We offer real life examples and interactivity to provide robust and hands-on Php training experience to sharpen your skills and add new development practices. Our expert instructors have vast experience; so they can deliver practical implementation techniques and code that related to a specific concept. At Agile Academy you will meet the best Php instructor who has mastered multiple frameworks.

          Benefits of Php Training Course

          • Best PLATFORM to generate websites and web applications, HIGHEST NUMBER of WEBSITES including FACEBOOK written in PHP
          • All world class CMS including WORDPRESS are PHP generated software components
          • It will decrease the time needed to build large websites
          • Deliver customized UX to visitors on the bases of details that is gathered from them
          • Open up number of opportunities for online tools
          • Permit formation of shopping carts for eCommerce websites
          • Support wide range of database
          • It is easy to learn as well as runs powerfully on server side
          • It is compatible with almost all servers used today
          • Integrates with different platforms

            What is Laravel?

            Laravel is the oldest and popular web application framework that comes with an impressive and elegant syntax. It’s an open-source PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell with an attempt to provide an advanced Codelgniter framework alternative.

            It aims to make the process easier and reduce the development pain of using common tasks like routing, sessions and caching. Laravel follows the saying that “Happy Developers make the Best Code”. It combines the frameworks which implement in various languages such as Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and ASP.NET MVC.

            Laravel follows an easily customized approach and uses an MVC structure with easy to learn applications. It comes with an exciting feature like MVC support and Object-Oriented Approach, Built-in authentication and Authorization, Multiple file system, Packing System, Artisan Console, Task Scheduling, Templating engine, Eloquent ORM etc. Apart from this, Laravel ensures a fast and well-organized web development process where code can be reused anytime. If you want to know more, drop a line, and we’d be happy to assist.

              Agile Academy has years of expertise in developing and deploying a number of Php projects. This experience of software development is pretty important in providing coaching to students. They will come to know each and everything they need to learn about true development environment. With the best experienced developers as trainers, Agile Academy delivers the most excellent Php training on live international projects. It’ll help students to learn Php and get placement straight away after completing the course.

                Who is Eligible to do a PHP Training Course in Ahmedabad?

                Are you looking to make a career in PHP, then you have landed in the right place. PHP controls the backend administration of a website where applications like Joomla, Drupal, OS Commerce, WordPress, and Magento are developed in PHP MYSQL. Check the eligibility criteria to learn PHP.


                • If you’re a fresher and looking for a basic understanding of PHP and MYSQL
                • If you’re a fresher and want to build a successful career in PHP Development
                • If you’re an experienced UI developer or Web Designer


                If you’re interested to know further then Please have a look at our advanced PHP Training course customization listed below.

                  Training material provided by us comprises basic training that involves fundamentals and programming perceptions to the superior level of live project training. Getting training on the live projects in Php and it is from the experts of the industry is opportunity for students which they do not want to lose. Our teaching is intended for BOTH; WORKING as well as NON WORKING INDIVIDUALS who WOULD LIKE BUILD CAREER in PHP. The key purpose of this course is that a person should be able to make dynamic websites by his own.

                    Php course customization :

                    Minimize training course fees :
                    You can choose PHP frameworks if you have already done some research or coming from other technology for career shifting.
                    You’ll No longer pay whole course fees but pay for particular framework only.
                    If you complete project cycle, you’ll be provided certificate of experience for duration you worked from Agile Group of Companies.

                    Compare the benefits of php training from 2 or more institutes BEFORE releasing first payment.
                    Do NOT choose php training WITHOUT attending demo lecture for free.
                    You’ve right to listen and interact with a real world developer mentor to A verify his expertise in subject matter and for explaining subject matter.

                    For those who are coming from NON IT background and for all students, basics of HTML-CSS-Javascript-Ajax will be explained for PHP course.
                    It is completely possible that you are NOT interested in BASICS that you’ve already learned, like loops, identifiers etc. in C programming language during academics or in elsewhere professional training. A See following options.

                    OPTION [1] : Choose PHP framework

                    In general, we teach CodeIgniter for non-customized PHP course but you can replace it or choose more.
                    Most popular PHP frameworks are :

                    • Laravel : A most widely used PHP framework
                    • Symfony : flexible, scalable MVC framework
                    • CodeIgniter : free PHP framework, loosely based MVC framework
                    • CakePHP : framework derived from inspirations from Ruby on Rails concepts
                    • Zend framework : object-oriented application framework
                    • Phalcon : written in C and PHP itself, handles better HTTP requests
                    • Yii 2 : object oriented component based PHP framework

                    You can ALL PHP frameworks also A to become expert PHP developer ! However, we recommend to master only 2-3 best needed frameworks for software development.

                    OPTION [2] : Choose PHP CMS

                    In general, we teach WordPress for non-customized PHP course but you can replace it or choose more.

                    • WordPress : 100% free feature-rich world’s No 1 CMS ( Content Management System ), 74,652,825 sites use it.
                    • Drupal : while WordPress is highly suitable for most production websites, Drupal is highly customizable and so gives you better control over it as PHP developer
                    • Joomla : it is model-view-controller(MVC) web application framework that can also be used independently of CMS
                    • Magento : one of 30 most popular ecommerce platforms also used as shopping cart along with used as CMS

                    OPTION [3] : Choose PHP course duration

                    We run 2 types batches :

                    • FAST TRACK batch for those who opt to get job earlier
                    • REGULAR which mostly involves minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months duration

                    PLACEMENT support is provided in both types of batches.

                    OPTION [4] : PHP project deployment configurations and maintainability of code base

                    We practically show each of following things A but if you wish to learn more, we will show you using different configurations.

                    • Web Server : Apache ( or Microsoft IIS )
                    • Issue tracking system : Atlassian ( JIRA )
                    • FTP : Filezilla, cPanel console
                    • Version Control System : SVN ( or GIT if you prefer )
                    • RDBMS :MySQL or MariaDB
                    • Database tools : phpMyAdmin, Adminer

                    You’ll get A GRANULAR LEVEL control over PHP projects execution for your career support and better customer handling tips wherever you work as developer or PHP team lead or project manager.

                    Why above details mandatory ? Because you want to start earning at individual level by making and selling PHP websites or want to work as individual contributor in MNC where you do NOT want to be dependant on others for how to do things that you did not meet during training.

                    Do NOT join any course WITHOUT getting DETAILS and AUTHENTICITY of a software training center. Wisely choose php training in ahmedabad for future-aspects of getting job rather speculating your money to software classes which does NOT have transparency in inner workings A but only has a good website and a typical software course which can NOT earn you a career job.

                    If you’ve any inquiry regarding TOPICS or SUBTOPICS coverage for PHP training, please call us on 6353746330 or walk-in at our office address or you can drop a mail at

                      Agile Academy is one of the best Php training in Ahmedabad where real world developers of Agile Infoways deliver lectures and support for live project training.

                        Choose php training classes in ahmedabad wisely and don’t speculate your money for software classes that do not provide job guarantee.

                        Students have flexibility to pay in two monthly installments.