Best Way To Grow Is Hiring IT Trained Freshers

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    Placement service is a vital piece for any Academy that has helped many students by getting employment at the right place. Agile Academy is the best provider of resources and placement services to the industries. We offer the latest trends & technology to the trainees. We interact with the industries by knowing their requirements. We give opportunities to the students to help them make better-informed decisions about future career choices. Our recruitment team explores the possible link between placement and academic achievement with assisting the candidates in making the right career move.

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    Placement Overview

    Agile Academy works for a long-term basis by identifying the requirement of an organization or a particular skill that fits with a trainee. Our recruitment team seeks to have a positive influence on young minds to make reliable career choices. We identify the ambitions, skills, competencies, and talents of students, train them well by experienced developers as per the chosen field and help them to meet with an organization.

    We believe in offering a quality of services in terms of placement. Agile Academy will ensure trained students who are ready to take their next move to incorporate.


    Freshers are ready to hire

    We have been successful in maintaining our recruitment academy over the years. Our team has set new standards in the corporate world to ensure that our candidate must fit well with the organization rather than only job fit. We train and guide students and staff regularly as per the market trends to build up a long-term relationship with the client. We guide with the best possible knowledge.

    • PHP
    • Android
    • IOS
    • Web Design
    • Software Testing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Python
    • Java
    • Angular
    • .Net
    • React-Native
    • Javascript

    Benefits of Hiring
    Agile Academy’s main objective is to meet the industry’s recruitment process and motivate students to develop technical knowledge in terms of career planning and goal setting. We understand the requirements of the employer and come up with a trailer-made solution that meets their specific needs. There are a few more advantages that our organization offers, have a look:

    • Hire talent at low cost
    • Get certified trainee for your organization
    • Easy availability of resources
    • Closely working with a client for all assignments
    • Long-term relationship

    The process to hire :

    One of the most significant advantages of hiring a placement agency is that it has an extensive network. Agile Academy continuously works together with the number of firms to comprehend the expertise, aptitudes as well as cutting-edge technology. Our placement agents connect with registered candidates and get placed in the desired company based on their skills. We screen candidates for a specific post based on market requirements. Our trainees are trained to meet the needs of the employing client as we provide best training material to make the candidate more suitable for the role.

    You can even call or reach us when required to grab the talent we have trained for. Participate in our placement event to get the maximum resources.

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    Placed Trainee

    100+ students are already placed & they are doing well to incorporate with the chosen field.

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